A Sanctuary in the Centre of a city

Welcome to UnMind Space, a community studio in Hackney Wick.

Most classes and events will be held by Mollie Mendoza and Sam Garrett, as well as special events held by incredible guest teachers.

This space is a Home, a Studio, and a Sanctuary, for you to rejuvenate, re-connect, and re-inspire.

We are very excited to be sharing this vision with you...creating community and motivating growth from that which we love to contribute to this vibrant city.

This is a safe place for you to come and express yourself, and is also open for you to offer your unique gifts. We welcome collaboration; if you are interested in offering a class or event please get in touch. 

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* Please book as spaces are limited. You will receive directions in your booking confirmation email ~ Thank You! For Sliding Scale - click Contact.  

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Private Sessions

Private Yoga Therapy and Meditation Class with Massage & Reiki Energy Healing 

100 Mins

A class created for you...we will work together to develop your practice, on and off the mat, in the ways which feel most important and relevant at this time in your life. This practice is supported by an Intuitive Massage or Reiki Energy Healing. 

A deep space for enquiry and exploration into your current state of being, expression, emotional, mental, and habitual patterns. 

( ~ £70) 

Private Asana, Meditation, and Pranayama

Tools to dive deeper and further your personal practice. 

(90 mins ~ £70)

Deep Tissue Massage or Reiki

(90 mins ~ £70)