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Master Class with Saul David Raye - Not to be missed!

Master Class with Saul David Raye

An Afternoon and Evening Immersion - please join us for both if you are able to!

Soul & Soma: Awakening the Power of Inner Flow, Intuition & Rejuvenation in Yoga

Monday July 22 4:15 pm - 6:15 pm

Space for 11 students

30 GBP

Both the Earth and the human body are about 70% water. In this class we will explore the healing and rejuvenating power of Atma (soul) and Soma (fluid essence of water) and how they movements that helps us move through stuck patterns in our bodies, minds and emotions. We will also explore ‘somatic principles’ of movement that awaken patterns of rejuvenation in our body, mind & nervous system (proprioception) along with practices that awaken and deepen the intuitive mind.

This class is great for teachers and dedicated students who want to find a deeper, softer and more intuitive way of practicing and teaching.

Session will include short lecture (teaching) and embodied practice of asana, pranayama, meditation & chanting.

Aum Somaye Namah …..

Awakening Shakti:

Prana Sadhana & Ecstatic Dance

Saul David Raye & Amber Brovelli

With special musical guest Jim Beckwith

Space is limited to 18 students

7pm - 9 pm

25 GBP

In this intimate + transforming evening practice we will explore practices to awakening & cultivate ‘Prana Shakti’ ( creative life power) that flows in each of us. Prana Shakti is an ancient name that also refers to the ecstatic feminine power of life and the inner teacher. We will spend a little time with teachings from the yoga + tantric traditions on Prana & Shakti and then move into a simple healing practice of Prana cultivation ( mudras + muktasanas) from there we will open the portal to ecstatic dance and finish with breathing practices, energy locks and meditation.