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Guest Event: Freeing the Breath

Freeing The Breath

'Breath is the inspiration and blueprint for all movement in life. When we breathe well, fully and deeply, we can move and be well. Every area in our life is affected by how we breathe, from physical and mental health to our emotional balance and wellbeing.'

Join Hanna-Jade in a ceremony to evoke the spirit of the breath.





In this gathering, we will explore the relationship between our breath and the movement it inspires from within, whilst intricately addressing holding patterns in the body, mind and soul through yogic practise and shamanic principles.


Breathwork/pranayama promotes natural healing and growth through direct experience with the breath. It brings awareness to unresolved issues holding us back in life and simultaneously supports the conscious integration on a physical, emotional/mental and spiritual level.

Breathwork/pranayama has a cleansing effect which enhances physical healing, emotional balance and connection to self. It has proven to support the healing and, if not, correct stress-related illnesses such as anxiety and depression as well as low self-esteem and balance energy levels too. It has also been proven to help support the healing of oxygen deficient diseases, as well as digestive and hormonal problems.  It can also enhance creativity, meditation, relationships, and a sense of oneness with all of life. It is a gentle yet empowering experience which encourages you to embrace life on a whole new level and continues to offer a lifelong tool.


Hanna has committed many years to the study, practice and research of natural healing. She has an education in Naturopathic Medicine and is a qualified therapeutic practitioner in Acutonics sound, energy healing (Reiki Master), Transformational Breath® Rebirthing and Yoga. She offers a unique and safe space for deep healing and transformation with breath and believes that every individual, given the right inner conditions can make their world a better place.