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Elemental Movement with Sam and Mollie

Elemental Movement

{ Earth } { Water }  { Fire } { Air }  { Ether }

CACAO - The Art of Ceremony - Intention, Ritual & Connection. 

EMBODIMENT - Intuitive & Guided -  Combinations of Yoga, Qi Gong & Dance.

SOUND - Medicine Music, Mantra & Crystal Bowls. 



‘If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere.’ - Vincent Van Gogh

Elemental Movement is a practice inspired by a journey through the 5 Elements. This creation was sparked by the Japanese philosophy of Wabi Sabi, which speaks to the simplicity and beauty of Nature. We are passionate about re-connecting and harmonizing with the rhythm and wisdom of the elements which permeate our internal and external landscape. 

“Wabi Sabi is a state of the heart. It is a deep in-breath and a slow exhale. It is felt in a moment of real appreciation - a perfect moment in an imperfect world. “

The beautiful medicine and ritualistic practice of Cacao Ceremony will inspire our intention, movement & sharing. This journey is supported by the intricacies of an instrumental and vocal immersion, as well as Alchemy Crystal Bowl Sound Healing.