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Half Day Retreat with Carly Grace and Mollie Mendoza ~ Opening and Listening Deeply

We will open the space with a beautiful Cacao Ceremony, this medicine has been sourced from a Cacao Shaman in Guatemala on our recent travels.

Creating space for the elixirs and intentions to flow we will transition through a Heart Opening Asana Practice guided by Mollie. After moving through movement and breath into a space of deep stillness and listening, we will arrive at a true place of rest ~ here we will share a guided meditation and then lie down to receive the healing sounds of the Alchemy Crystal Bowls, supporting you to let go of tension, emotional blockages, worries, anxiety and open into a deep space of peace. Imagine being bathed in crystalline energies washing through your body, inviting you to return to your true nature, the vibrational essence that we are. 

We will then ground our evening with a delicious vegan dinner and have a chance to share and connect over some herbal tea and treats. 

* If you prefer not to drink Cacao, are pregnant, or taking medication, there will be a Medicinal Elixir available; Tumeric, Reishi and many other herbs. (Please let us know on booking) 

Carly Grace 

Carly is a Sound Practitioner working with Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls and Voice, Meditation Practitioner and Reiki Master. It is her passion to support individuals to feel empowered through sound and to support individuals in experiencing their true nature through sharing Meditation, Energy and Sound Healing.

Known for her deep and compassionate presence she holds sound healing gatherings that provide a safe space for you to deeply relax, open and release, supporting you to uplift your potential and create positive change.

Carly is based in London where she leads ongoing Sound Healing gatherings, she hosts regular Meditations in the workplace and Sound Healing and Well-Being Retreats in the UK and abroad. She worked as Co-Director of the London College of Spirituality, a grassroots organization committed to personal and planetary evolution hosting inspirational events with guests from around the World.

She is now leading Sound Universe London sharing Alchemy Crystal Singing bowls as tools for healing and supporting individuals to connect to their true gifts through the power of sound. 

Mollie Mendoza

Weaving together Vinyasa, Hatha, and Kundalini Yoga Mollie's class is a unique creative exploration of the Self through movement and breath. Recently her training has been focused in offering Yoga as a form of therapy to relieve stress, anxiety, and aid in addiction recovery.

Her classes explore themes of embodiment, mindfulness and yogic philosophy to deepen the sense of grounding inside ones Self. Her passion, on and off the mat, is a practice of coming home to your body, home to the breath, and allowing this to provide an anchor of deep connection with the present moment

Her focus on ‘UnMinding‘ is a practice of Unwiring conditioned patterns of the mind, in order to empower each individual to move back to a place where thoughts, stories, and anxieties no longer solely define experience.

 She welcomes vulnerability as strength, and an honest, raw expression of the dimensions involved in developing practice, from struggles to learning.

Carly and Mollie also collaborate on Yoga and Meditation Immersions in Menorca ~  a space for sharing growth and unlocking potential, and a platform for the creative expression of what it is to find a ‘personal practice‘.