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Guest Event: AMADA - the one that is loved


Embody the beloved and embrace the Divine love that flows within you

Sisters, lets us gather together for International Woman’s Day for an evening devoted to joy and a celebration of womanhood, through ceremony, singing and dancing.

The evening will be lead by Chloe Isidora and Regina Rhythm, opening with a Cacao ceremony to connect to our hearts and wombs, sharing sacred sounds, mantras and space to sway and spiral our hips to the hypnotic beat of the drum.

When a woman surrenders to the movement of her hips she invites a deep freedom, whether back to front, side to side, shake, spin or spiral. When a woman allows her hips, her feature of womanhood, her sensual curves to express freely, an authentic connection becomes present with her womb. The movements release blockages and tensions that are stored within the body. Space is created and kundalini energy is activated. The energy spirals in our core rising up, empowering us with the life force within.

The drum connect us to our heart beat and resonate inside our wombs. The grounding beats of the live drumming, connect us to Mother Earth, taking us away from the mind and into the body. With the tantric rhythms inspiring us to liberate our fierce and untamed woman, full of beauty and full of creative power.

To integrate we will rest into the angelic sounds of the harp and soften into healing tones of the crystal singing bowls. Together we will create space to honour the women that have come before us, blessing ourselves remembering and knowing that we are sacred.

What to expect

Arrival from 6.45 to 7pm until 9.30pm

Cacao ceremony

Heart and womb connection

Sacred singing sounds and mantras

Sensual movement to live tribal drumming

Womb Blessing

Sound healing with harp and crystal singing bowls

Rose tea sharing circle with homemade raw chocolate

Who’s the evening for:

For any woman or female identified who would like to celebrate herself in sisterhood and deepen into even more self-love by honouring of themselves and all women.

Why would you come?

To play, to dance, to sing and embody your sacredness.

What to bring:

Bring hand drums, rattles any instruments that you would like to share in the dancing. Dress to celebrate.

Price: Early bird £35/£40

Chloe Isidora

After 10 years working as a fashion editor, Chloe followed her heart into the world of healing, mysticism and magic. Now trained in Shamanism, Crystalline Consciousness and Feminine Empowerment. Chloe’s work is centred around transformation, empowerment and self-love, working one-to-one and hosting regular events. Chloe’s self-care and self-love practices can be easily integrated into daily life, bringing a deeper awareness of one’s inner wisdom and intuition, living from a place of truth and nourishing a sense of connection with the natural and unseen world around us.

Regina Rhythm

Regina is a Spanish percussionist, singer and dancer who combines her talents to bring people together creating unique experiences to reach high states of consciousness. From early age she had a passion for tribal music and their spiritual ceremonies. This passion moved her to travel around the world to learn the many ways humans uses musical rites as a gate way to other realms. She spent over ten years travelling to West Africa to learn the traditional drumming and dancing directly from master musicians in their own environment. She participated in sacred rituals that transformed her visions and open her eyes to the importance and understanding of the element of music within the community, personal and spiritual connection. Regina creates a transforming musical journey in her own personal way with her strongly feminine flavour, combining the many elements she has learned along her many journeys, the sharing from the elders and through her own meditation and practice.