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A Journey Heartward - Tea Ceremony & Sound Exploration.

An Afternoon Workshop with UnMind, Sam Garrett, & Lera Zujeva.

UnMind Space, Hackney Wick

28th October 4:00pm - 8:30pm

Early Bird Until October 15th - £40

Regular Cost: £55



Ground: The practice of Meta -  Loving Kindness.

Expand: Heart Songs and Mantra.

Practice: The Ancient Art of Tea Ceremony

Embody: Gentle Movement and Embodiment Practice 

Envision: Intention Setting Ceremony & Ritual 

Integrate: Sound Bath - Alchemy Crystal Bowls and Vocal Healing. 


Connect: Dessert and Superfood Lattes’s. 


Lera Zujeva

The Student of the Leaf, Lera’s mission in this world is to transmit peace, presence, love and harmony to others through tea. Lera discovered Tea several years ago, and started working with this Plant Medicine almost straight away, after joining the amazing tea community called Global Tea Hut. This was love at first sight, and from that moment on she adopted The Way of Tea as her Spiritual Practice. Tea Ceremonies were the most wonderful way to combine two things she was so passionate for – Tea, Spiritual Growth and Awakening. With awe and amazement Lera observes time after time how tea transforms her, her life and others. How quickly Tea touches those who are open to it, how deeply it reaches everyone’s hearts, and how subtle but profound the inner transformation is. 

Lera’s own spiritual journey started in 2006, after the complete disillusionment with the corporate sector and life that it offered. It started with the stay at Osho’s community in Pune and meditating every day from morning till night for a some time, then led her to practice Vipassana and study Human Design, Theta Healing, Vortex Energy Healing, tantric studies. Lera is a strong believer in the somatic practices, and the way of healing through feeling. And all of these hugely help her in her own Tea practice. Many, who come to her tea ceremonies, are in awe how powerful and healing these sessions are, how much peace, harmony and surrender they feel afterwards, and how much magic they start to notice in the ordinary moments of life.

Mollie Mendoza  -

Weaving together Vinyasa, Embodiment techniques, and Kundalini Yoga Mollie's class is a unique creative exploration of the Self through movement and breath. Recently her training has been focused in offering Yoga as a form of therapy to relieve stress, anxiety, and aid in addiction recovery.

Her classes explore themes of embodiment, mindfulness and yogic philosophy to deepen the sense of grounding inside ones Self. Her passion, on and off the mat, is a practice of coming home to your body, home to the breath, and allowing this to provide an anchor of deep connection with the present moment

Her focus on ‘UnMinding‘ is a practice of Unwiring conditioned patterns of the mind, in order to empower each individual to move back to a place where thoughts, stories, and anxieties no longer solely define experience.

Sam Garrett -

Sam Garrett is an English singer songwriter who has been creating and singing heartfelt melodies since his teens. Lyrically soulful, and devotionally talented, Sam's music uplifts and inspires. Sam has released two EPs, Be Easy and Namaste and his first studio album, Grace was released in 2017. His new album 'The Dance & The Wonder' to be released in early 2019 explores the tender journey through love and growth. His music is a reflection of his journey, inspired by profound experiences on his travels and various teachings from around the world. With a skillful combination of vocals and guitar he lifts the mood with reggae riffs such as 'Lost in the moment' and soothes our busy minds with the soft tones of 'Higher than the mountains,' offering a unique journey and depth that is rare to experience.