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Kirtan and Cacao Satsang with Arpita and Arjuna

Our dear friends Arpita and Arjuna who we met in Guatemala will be hosting our monthly community kirtan this August! It is an absolute honour to have their wisdom and songs bless our space!

We will be with you in spirit during this amazing evening and cannot wait to sing with you all once more at the end of September.

♥ ♥ ♥ ABOUT KIRTAN & CACAO ♥ ♥ ♥

Kirtan means going Within through the power of Heartfelt, Ecstatic Mantra Chanting. It is not a religious practice, but part of Bhakti Yoga, an ancient Science of Consciousness based on the transformative effects of sound - discovered, applied and refined by countless yogis through the ages.

It uses elements of music, singing & poetry to clear the mind, bringing us in touch with what lies Within & Beyond, whether you call it Love, Truth or the Absolute. Between the chants we will share inspiring quotes, poetry, explanations and stories from our Journey into the Heart.

You don't have a great voice? This is not a performance, no skills are required, the sounds we use are simple, the melodies enchanting, the group support powerful.

Ceremonial Cacao is a Great Catalyst for Opening the Heart, it has been used by the Mayan Indigenous people (who produced this very cacao in Guatemala) for millennia as a gentle support for going deeper into themselves and connecting with each other non-verbally.

Arpita & Arjuna have been walking the path of Yoga and Meditation since their teenage years. Singing mantras for over fifteen years and facilitating kirtan circles for almost a decade has become one of their greatest Joys and ways to Serve the Liberation of All beings. They live between Mahadevi Ashram on Lake Atitlan in Guatemala and The Inner Peace Sanctuary Tuscany , teaching traditional Tantrik Hatha Yoga & Meditation through teacher trainings (, workshops & retreats. They love to share the Magic of Kirtan wherever they go.

Please book online to reserve your space.

Full Address on Booking.

UnMind Space is locted in Hackney Wick.