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Guest Event: Rapé and Kambo New Moon Ceremony

To celebrate one of the most powerful New Moons of the year - a total solar eclipse in the sign of Cancer, Gabriella and I will be holding Ceremony with the sacred medicines Rapé and Kambo.

This Event will take place at UnMind Space - Full Address on Booking.

This eclipse moves us beyond the last six months of South Nodal energies, asking us to deeply release the past. Occurring at the North Node in Cancer, this exciting eclipse serves to propel us towards the future by bringing in greater alignment with the feminine energies of intuition, nurture and feeling.

We will open the ceremony with intention setting and meditation. Rapé will then be served to ground, still the mind and release energetic blockages ready for the journey with Kambo - a powerful, deep and detoxifying cleanse to the metaphysical body. The combination of these powerful medicines synchronises beautifully with this powerful New Moon Cycle.

Full details for each medicine will be sent to each participant including preparation information.

The full ceremony is £95 per person.

Spaces limited to 8 people.

For more information or to book please email

Much love

Charlie and Gabriella 💚🐸💚