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Guest Event: Wake Collective - The Gathering

Wake Collective: The Gathering

by Laura Anne Chappell


It's very easy to get lost in the messiness of life, feeling misplaced or an outsider in your own skin, relationships and work. The truth is, as humans we are constantly growing and changing, and in order to facilitate this growth process we must make sure we are surrounding ourselves with likeminded beings and also sharing our lived experience. When we share openly with others, we are able to heal wounds and learn that we are not alone in our struggles.

Community and connection is so important to maintain a heathy wellbeing - so coming together with likeminded souls allows us to expand our own lived experince and forge new connections in which we can be held.


We gather togther in openness and vulnerability.

With intention: We arrive with the intention to let go of all that which might be pulling us down and preventing us from accessing the highest version of ourslves. Let go of Fear, Shame, Anxiety and Judgement, giving this all over the the fire in order to make space for new ways of being.

Through the body: Coming into the body through intuitive movement, breathwork and sound to unlock the innate wisdom which lies wtihin us all.

Sharing our experience: The creation of a safe space and circle of souls in which invites sharing - whatever is going on for you in that moment. When we allow for authentic expression to come through, we face into and release our fears and learn from others lived experience - acknowledgeing we are not isolated in our struggles


This gathering will be held at Unmind Space in Hackney Wick. (Full Address on Booking)