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Guest Event: Heart Activation Sound & Cacao Ceremony with Arktara

☆Heart Activation Sound & Cacao Ceremony☆

Relax & be guided on a journey, Traveling deep inside your heart, Uncovering hidden treasures, Being bathed in healing vibrations.

Arktara will open the space with a heart opening cacao ceremony. Then Arktara & Sula will guide you on a multi-sensory sound journey, working intuitively with their voices and collection of instruments from around the world.

With love and intention they will blend together tones and vibrations connecting you more deeply to your heart.

They will bring you a delicious combination of:

Sound healing (gong, crystal & tibetan singing bowls, drum, Ukulele and other instruments)

Cacao Ceremony

Essential Oils

Energy Work

Cacao Ceremony

Known as the food of the gods, cacao is a powerful but soft feminine plant medicine used for many centuries in Guatemala and other places around the world.

The spirit of cacao brings a subtle opening of the heart and activation of the chakra system.

We will create a ceremony, honor the mayan culture, and bless this sacred elixir to welcome more love and release fear that is blocking us from a life full of joy and bliss.

I started my journey with cacao when I first visited Guatemala in 2014, returning every year since my connection with this plant has assisted my journey in to the heart and now shares this with others through ceremony, ritual and workshops


♡ Your Facilitators ♡

Sula and Arktara met through their joint love of sound on a sound healing training course. As soon as they met they knew they had a special bond. After the magic that was created at their last collaboration in 2018 they have been waiting for the perfect moment to share their gifts again.

♡ Arktara ♡

I am a facilitator of transformation experiences.

Working with Sacred Sound , Ceremony & Ritual and Feminine Empowerment and for many years.

Usually based in Ibiza and traveling the world sharing workshops, retreats and private sessions. I always make time each year to connect back in to my roots in England.

I am passionate about working authentically from my heart and empowering others to do the same.

I also offer multi-dimension chakra healing - I have a limited number of private sessions available while I am in london.

Sula Mae

I've been working with sound for many years, sharing my voice in lots of different contexts. In more recent years i've been called to use my voice with the intention of healing and the energy of unconditional love. I am involved in many different projects including Astral Cats with Tim Wheater and Cherub

We are blessed to receive her sweet angelic voice and Ukulele and she will intuitively work with our collection of instruments from around the world.



Location: - full directions will be sent with booking confirmation.

Pricing : £25 Inc a cup of Guatemalan ceremonial grade cacao

Limited early bird tickets available for £20

If you pay via paypal or bank transfer to my UK account you will save the fees on eventbright.

If you would like to attend all 3 of Arktaras events in London a special discounted price is available please message me directly to reserve your space.


London Dates With Arktara

2nd August - One 2 one Multi-Dimensional Chakra Healing (also limited availability on the 3rd and 4th)

2nd August - New moon Cacao Ceremony & Sister Circle

Unmind Space - Hackney Wick, London

3rd August - Introduction to Yoni eggs workshop

Unmind Space - Hackney Wick, London

4th August - Multi-Dimensional Sound Journey & Cacao Ceremony

Unmind Space - Hackney Wick, London



For more information please contact Arktara:


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