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Guest Event: Introduction to The 13 Moon Calendar Workshop

The 13 Moon Calendar is more than just a calendar, it’s a synchronometer, a tool through which we can synchronize with the energies of the Universe.

The mayans have recorded with precision the movement of each planet from our Solar System but also the movement that our Solar System makes inside of the Galaxy and Milky Way. They understood that all the different forms of manifestation were rotating around a Cosmic Center, called by them the Hunab K’u, considered the source of all creation. This Cosmic Center uses other stars as portals through which it communicates with the planets around them. Thus, the Mayan Calendar was used by them to harmonize with the pulsations coming from Hunab K’u through our sun, which decodes the energy being transmitted and it expresses it in different universal harmonic possibilities of manifestation.

Many different cultures in ancient times used at 13 Moon Calendar because it was synchronized to the cycles of nature. The 13 Moon Calendar is divided into 13 Moons or months, each having 28 days, according to the lunar cycles. Thus, we have 13x28=364. The 365th day is called “The Day Out of Time” and is celebrated on the 25th of July, the day in which the star Sirius rises before the Sun after being hidden from the sky over a period of 3 months.

The Tzolkin, the Sacred Mayan Calendar, is included in the 13 Moon Calendar and it’s composed out of 13 Lunar Tones and 20 Solar Seals, giving us 13x20=260 different possibilities of energetic manifestations. A combination between a Lunar Tone and a Solar Seal is called a KIN. Each person has by birth its own KIN, based on his or her date of birth, also called a Galactic Signature. By decoding this galactic signature we can start understanding how our own inner cycles function. Each Lunar Tone carries specific energetic qualities while the solar seals represent archetypes, both of them influencing our existence.

Time is not something linear as we have come to perceive it, but cyclical. And we just need to observe nature to understand that everything moves in cycles. Since we are part of nature, we too have our own internal cycles that change every year.

Thus, in this workshop, we will discus the following aspects:

1. What is time?
2. The Mayan's relationship with Time
3. The Structure of the 13 Moon Calendar
4. The Tzolkin
5. The 13 Lunar Tones
6. The 20 Solar Seals
7. The Galactic Families. Our annual cycles.
8. Wavespells. The 13 day cycles.
9. How to integrate the 13 Moon Calendar into our life
10. How our Kin influences us

Location: UnMind, London

Duration: 2 hours

Price: Donation-based. Minimum donation suggested: 20 £

*Limited number of seats! For participation at workshop advance payment is required. Please register at to receive payment details. *


Andra has studied by herself the 13 Moon Calendar in the last year and a half, after magically and synchronistically connecting with it on the 26th of July, 2017. This magical synchronicity brought her a few months later all the way to Mexico, where she meditated and walked along the mayan pyramids. The ease with which she could assimilate and remember vast information about the Tzolkin and the 13 Moon Calendar made her realize she has to somehow share this sacred knowledge. Ever since she returned from Mexico she has dedicated her time presenting this sacred and ancient information through videos and by organizing workshops. She also offers galactic signature decoding sessions where she does 1 on 1 sessions explaining people about the archetypes and energies which influence their being. The incredibly positive feedback she has received from people convinced her to keep walking on this magical path.