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Guest Event with Omotayo - Brother + Sister Moon Circle | New Moon in Aquarius

Moon Circles represent an opportunity for us to come together at the beginning of a new lunar cycle to settle into authenticity and deep connection, in a safe space where we are free to share whatever feels true for us in that moment.  

There is such power when humans gather together to support each other's journeys.  When we allow ourselves to be seen and our hopes and fears to be heard, we can begin to realise how much strength is to be found in expressing our vulnerabilities.  

The idea of Moon Circles can sound intimidating or daunting at first but ultimately all that they are is a chance to come together and sit and share and listen - knowing that whatever your experience, you are held and supported by the group.

What to expect:

·      An opening meditation with essential oils to ground us in the space

·      A brief introduction to the astrological themes of the New Moon

·      The opportunity to journal about what comes up for you

·      The opportunity to share your current feelings and intentions with the group in response to questions posed

·      A closing meditation to integrate the experience

Traditionally, these circles are often women or men only spaces, which can be a truly beautiful thing.  However, in these current times I believe that great healing can be found when we honour both the masculine and the feminine within each of us regardless of gender identification, so this Brother + Sister circle is open to all.

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About Omotayo

Omotayo’s circles, workshops and ceremonies are aimed at gently guiding people out of their head, into their hearts and into their own unique way of shining their light. 

The goal of all her work is to create a sacred space that allows anyone to feel safe, seen and heard in the fullness of who they are without judgement. Whether through a Tarot reading, in sacred circle or through gently guided intuitive dance, she aims to encourage everyone into a deeper relationship with their own inner landscape, the present moment and their lives as a whole.