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Location - Bali, Indonesia

Batu Karu - Nov 27 - dec 8
Kura Kura - Dec 8 - Dec 21

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On the magical island of Bali, every breath is sacred, every moment can be breathtaking. We wake with the sun, we merge with the sounds of nature, we immerse ourselves in the ancient teachings of Yoga to reveal the wisdom that lies within. As we meditate on the elements of mountains, then coast, we allow the natural flow to re-synchronize our spirits to the rhythms of this wild earth.

In this 200 hour Yoga teacher training, you will benefit from not one but two exotic destinations to inspire and clarify your vision. You will travel from the vibrant green abundance of the mountains to the raw elements of Bali’s stunning coastline, facilitating a deep transformational journey. We provide the opportunity to deeply connect to your higher self while in two tranquil and sacred environments.  We practice and learn in the open air, drawing constantly from the elements of the Earth to help us in our process of self discovery, connection and truth as we step courageously into our dharma.

Bali is filled with incredible nature, art and exquisite beauty.  Spirituality is inherently infused into the unique culture, with a strong Balinese community spirit. Every aspect of this life involves some sort of prayer, worship or offering to the gods, as an expression of the heart.  Being in this reverent setting and around such stunning natural beauty is sure to awaken the spirit within.

Join us in November as we create space for this transformational experience to unfold. Enjoy abundant tropical vegetation and jungle cuisine that will enchant your senses.  In the first half of the training, we have the expanse of the Indian Ocean to aid us in exploring ourselves and releasing what no longer serves us.  In the second, the elevation, jungle wildlife and fresh mountain air empower us to soar courageously into our dharma.

Form strong bonds of lifelong friendship, whilst learning how to share the deep peace of what you truly love. Feel the flow around you as you slip into the flow within.

Highlights of the Sacred Waters 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training:

  • Benefit from two locations in one training, experiencing the freedom of the ocean and the richness of the mountains in one, guided experience

  • Practice in the open air, surrounded by the abundance of the jungle mountains and traditional rice paddies at Batu Karu.

  • Live by the Indian ocean, meditating with the waves and breathing with the sunsets and the power of the sacred land of Kura Kura, blessed with several natural springs, feeding the pools surrounding the yoga space and nourishing the water lily pond with an affluence of crystal clear water, that according to locals are endowed with cleansing and healing powers.

  • Nourish yourself on high vibration foods from the local, surrounding area

  • Focus on the expansion of your own sacred consciousness as you dive deep into a lifestyle of yoga and holistic healing

  • Visit local temples, participate in traditional ceremony, and experience the beautiful, sacred nature of Balinese living

  • Rejuvenate yourself and inspire your life, finding sanctuary in stunning surroundings

  • Help local charitable organizations with their work in our Kula Karma program

  • Professional Massage & Wellness Counseling and various therapies available

Meet your Facilitators…

Mollie Mendoza

Weaving together Vinyasa & Hatha Yoga, Embodiment techniques, and Dance, Mollie's class is a unique creative exploration of the Self through movement and breath. Recently her training has been focused in offering Yoga as a form of therapy to relieve stress, anxiety, and aid in addiction recovery.

Her classes explore aspects of embodiment, sound, mindfulness and yogic philosophy to deepen the sense of grounding inside ones Self. Her passion, on and off the mat, is a practice of coming home to your body, home to the breath, and allowing this to provide an anchor of deep connection with the present moment. She welcomes vulnerability as strength, and an honest, raw expression of the dimensions involved in developing practice, from struggles to learning.

Cheralee Joy

Cher's speciality is bringing people together in ceremony to connect, sing, dance, heal and release. She believes breath is the main focus of yoga practice and she is passionate about utilizing yoga as a therapy for the body and mind. Cher has found that precise alignment in asana can heal many "problems" in the body structure, and can create a bridge to align thoughts, words, and actions. Cher shares her artistic creativity and her passion for movement and music in her yoga classes. She believes every aspect of daily life is sacred. 

Cheralee has traveled around the world and studied with great teachers from various yogic lineages. Some of her greatest influences include Mark Whitwell, Eddie Modestini, Nicki Doane, Shiva Rea, Arya ji, Ted Surman, Dr. Ringo, and of course: Nature. She learns daily by witnessing the rhythms of nature at work.

Later Event: 17 January