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Guest Event: New Moon Circle with Lucia

The New Moon is a time when the moon is not visible in the night sky, the darkness of the night is a metaphorical blank canvas for us. It signifies the beginning of a new cycle, a fresh start, time to manifest your desires and bring about new intentions into your life.

Energetically it is a time where you can create space to support and nourish the creative element in yourself, to refill your own cup and make time to connect with the natural world and yourself.

The Moon opens the portal between the known and unknown in our world, between our conscious and subconscious mind. During this time we have heightened access to our intuition and our guides, making it ideal for setting clear intentions and goals. It is a time to create, reset, regenerate. 

This is a powerful time of gratitude, acknowledging the beauty of life itself and all you have brought into being. By looking back and observing how far we have come, we can prepare and set intentions for the next cycle.

The ancient ritual of women gathering at the Moon, to support one another and share sacred space is a custom that in modern times women have been disconnected from. That yearning to find empowerment from a space of the feminine, is seen in the new movement of Women’s Circles across the world and this phenomenon of female connection is what we will be celebrating in this circle.

Our ancestral mothers gathered in circle to share around the fire not only for ritual, but as they prepared food for families and community. They shared stories about their unique and collective experiences. 

And so we gather together, as sisters, on this New Moon to set our intentions and send them out to the universe.

We will open the circle by briefly getting to know one another, then move into the astrological influences around this particular new moon, learning about the energies that are around at this time, and how they can have an affect on us. We will have some time to write down our intentions quietly, as we sit in reflection.

Finally, we move into our new moon meditation, where we connect to the moon and send our intentions out to the universe, creating and birthing our realities.

I look forward to seeing you there dear sister. With love, Lucia xx

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