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Guest Event: Awakening to the Voice of The Womb

As the seasons turn, the transitional energy of autumn calls for us to let go a little, much like the Autumn leaves from the trees. The whispers to slow down, to harvest and call in what we need and to rest, to reflect, to discern. As women, just like the seasons, our cycles are our inner compass, our guidance system that tells us when to rest and when to give more of ourselves. We have an inner wisdom through the voice of the Womb, of how to live with the natural rhythms of life and seasonal ways of being.

The voice of the Womb is clear when we choose to listen, when we choose to honour. Our modern cultural ways of living can create a resistance within, to us hearing her voice. This resistance is our need to feel present with the pressures of giving and achieving in the ways we are conditioned to make us feel "successful" and / or "worthy" of praise, recognition and value. When our motivation only holds space for achieving outer recognition we become imbalanced and disconnected from our inner feminine voice. . This disconnection can lead to: *Emotional, energetic and physical instability
*Cyclical (Menstrual) energy imbalance
*Lack of Self Confidence
*Lack of Self Esteem
*Lack of Self Trust
*Inner and outer conflicts *Self-Sabotage
*Lack of Clarity and Focus
*Lack of Creative flow and stifled feelings of pleasure and joy

This 5 hour, soul-crafted Retreat to be shared with you as a circle of sisters will include practices to gather together and harvest... to nurture balance, a trust in letting go, to release and to integrate the whole of you, to welcome, connect and open to the joy of deep nourishment.

What you will receive:
*Yoga Nidra with Sound
*Nurturing the Feminine Yoga and movement to connect with the womb, yoni and your unique feminine essence.
*Womb Connection and Heart Awakening movement inviting the abundant energy of the Earth *Awakening the Goddess Intuitive Movement and Dance - An Elemental Dance of the Seasons

*Loves Breath Ceremony
*Sacred Song and Circle sharing
*Restorative Yoga with Sound Healing
*Yoga Nidra of the Wintertime ~ Inviting the Deep Stillness within.

Honouring your heart and womb through these practices will bring cleansing and clearing of energy pathways, releasing fears, emotions, and outdated beliefs held in the Womb, opening to listen to and hear your authentic Voice and living from your source power.
Receiving the fruits of Abundance from seeds the we planted, from the earth, our wisdom and unconditional love and acceptance of our creative life force within us.
A ceremonial Loves Breath of giving and receiving.
Anointment and Blessings of Mother Earth.

Kerry-Ann Peachey

With her love for nurturing womb consciousness and balancing cyclical wellbeing in these times of reawakening to love and truth, Kerry-Ann guides and shares her practices of womb reconnection and deepening embodiment, womb wisdom and alignment with the cyclical seasons through Yoga Nidra, mindful and explorative movement and dance; slow, mindful and strengthening female-conscious Hatha Flow, chanting, and meditation.

Kerry-Ann embodies a depth of loving presence and feminine essence chanelled into her own practice and in her offerings to others.

Her fusion of practices deliver a spice of variety to her offerings integrating and exploring a weave of both movement and deep stillness.

Inspired by Well Woman Yoga Therapy training, Taoist Female alchemy and Shamanic and Tantric teachings her classes and wellbeing retreat circles are a conscious and empowering healing space for women during their evolving cycles of life.

There is a grounded loving energy, with a lightness of being in her presence where all feel held, welcome and supported.

Kerry-Ann is sharing Women's Yoga and Healing Circles and Wellbeing retreats, Hatha Yoga, Yin and Yoga Nidra workshops with Sound Healing, Community Chanting, Intuitive Movement/Dance, nationwide.

Certificates -

Hatha (200 hours), Ashiyana School of Yoga, Goa

Well Woman Yoga Therapy

(60 hours) 2017 - Yoga Campus, London

Teacher Training Asst - Tribe Yoga

Workshops / Retreats / CPD:

Attendee of regular Womens Circles

Inner Female Alchemy - Yoni Eggs and Yoni Steaming

Shamanic training

One Planet Development

Various Yin / Fascial Release workshops

Various Mindful movement / 5 elements

Meditation retreats with Ellen Emmet of Kashmir Shaivism tradition

Adjustments and Assists

Kundalini and Kundalini Mantra

Reiki attuned

Ayurvedic Yoga Massage

Sophia Magdalena - Loves Breath

Sophia Magdalena has devoted herself to the clearing and cleansing of conditioned beliefs, Her desire in awakening love is to create new paradigms of love, intimacy and loving relationships, and peace in the world.

In the 70’s she lived in San Francisco where she became fully involved in the alternative healing practices and the Feminist movement which greatly inspired her. She later met the Way of Mastery teacher and spiritual community in Bali, and through her own healing journey she mastered the channelled teachings and healing practices that she now shares in her Awakening Love sessions, workshops and retreats.

She facilitates women’s retreats and workshops, combining these practices with Tantra, clearing sexual trauma, and a womb healing journey through the portals of the Yoni, clearings energies and releasing fear based emotions held energetically within sexuality to embody and empower our true authentic birthright as Women.

Sophia Magdalena holds us in her divine light and love and guides us through energetic shifts, releasing what was falsely believed of ourselves. A journey of returning to truth, self-love and acceptance of ourselves, freeing and awakening our bodies, our sexuality, pleasure, and the life force within us.

Remembering our original birth right, we return to our joy, laughter and bliss, the innocence and creative expression of our soul, supporting our own unique sovereignty.Her sessions empower both men and women in consciously connecting with each other, in trust and intimacy, and returning to the sacredness of the wisdom of the Divine Creator.

Since 2008 she has been leading Sacred Feminine retreats and workshops and takes part in many International Breath work events and Festivals in Sweden, the Sexibility Festivals, Tantra Spirit Festival in Croatia and Stockholm, and in the UK, Bali , France and Spain and she now lives in Sweden.