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A Ceremony of Sacred Light - UnMind & The Goddess Space.

The Goddess Space and UnMind will come together to offer a deep celebration and journey through ritual and ceremony.

In celebration of Light, of Love, of Longer days. In gratitude for all that's been and all that is on its way. We will gather and create an offering; an offering of ourselves, an offering of prayer, an offering of intention. 

Our vision is to remind you of the light within you. Inviting you to explore the depths of you, to go on on a quest of discovery to find your light, to reclaim it and allow it to guide the way. Our intention is to remind you, that the light we all seek is within, and when we can share our light with others, well, that's how we light up the world. 

Moving through movement, meditation, mantra, sound healing, ritual, cacao ceremony and creative expression... as well as a beautifully nourishing and cleansing meal, elixirs, and treats together - you will leave feeling enlightened, enriched + empowered; ready to shine that light as bright as the sun as you send out your embodied offering.

This is a one off event, a chance to remember your light,  your uniqueness, and to find the joyous smile inside your heart.

Please do join us in this gathering, heart to heart, soul to soul. Let us know if you have any questions. 

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