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Crystal Bowl Sound Healing, Mantra and Astrology Evening.

An Evening of Self Discovery and Transformation. 

An intimate gathering and opportunity for greater connection.

We will journey deep as we receive the sound of Alchemy Crystal Bowls, supported into this journey of silence and vibration through a guided meditation led by Mollie and Mav as they intuitively fuse together their gifts and wisdoms, in honour of the first quarter Scorpio Moon.

Infusions of therapeutic essential oils specifically chosen to resonate with the cosmic rhythms will be enhancing and helping integrate the journey. We will then come together and join our voices to ground once more into our bodies, as well as receive the sounds of beautiful mantra by Sam Garrett.  

We will have then have the chance to connect over vegan dessert and refreshing summer elixirs, while Mav takes turn to share what areas of life the current transit of Jupiter in Scorpio is expanding and influencing for each guest. Answering questions and concluding this journey with a greater understanding of the symbolic language of the stars.

If you would like to receive the additional insight into your chart, please email us your date, time and place of birth upon booking.

Mavi has been studying astrology through observation and analysis for over 10 years now and officially trained at the Centre for Psychological Astrology in 2010, in time learning to fuse Carl Jung's archetypal approach with spiritual, evolutionary principles and her intuitive gifts. She is ever curious about other arts and sciences of divination and in also trained in a unique transformational hypnotic modality called Hypnostasis. Aiming to blend the two and learn how to ground the wisdom of the cosmos through the healing power of aromatherapy.