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Day Retreat with Anne Loyd - 'Finding Love: When Love Seems Hard to Find'



 10:00AM TO 4:30PM


£75 – Includes Lunch

Most of us want to be in loving relationship, it’s what makes us human. With all the technology to help us find love, why is it that so many people are still single and still searching for love? Perhaps you keep attracting the wrong partners, or you feel stuck when it comes to finding a relationship.

In this Finding Love workshop, Anne Loyd brings a unique and fresh perspective to finding love. This workshop is not about 50 ways to meet you lover, it’s a practical, fun workshop with tips and tools that will help you discover why love feels hard to find.

Designed for both men and women, you will leave this workshop with a renewed and fresh perspective about what love means to you, along with clarity and actions to help you create that special relationship in your life.

 During the workshop you will:

·      Get really clear about the relationship you want to create

·      Look at past conditions and patterns that may be blocking you to love and relationships

·      Discover what love means to you – what are your beliefs about love and do they need to be upgraded?

·      Develop actions to create a loving relationship

·      Identify tools to use when you meet potential partners

Here’s what others have said about the workshop:

“I think we all at times believe that our worries and feelings of uncertainty are unique, especially in regards to love. As a man I found Anne’s course a really safe place to be vulnerable and share my feelings of ‘terminal uniqueness’ among other people who actually have remarkably similar concerns when it comes to love and the romantic relationships in their life.” Harry, London

"I took Anne's workshop in Arizona in 2016 after many years of internet dates that didn't work out and the odd romance that usually turned into the same disappointing story. I was immediately struck by Anne's authenticity, gentleness and wisdom, and also by the practical, grounded and nurturing nature of the course. I may never know what forces led me to meet my husband four months later, but I like to think that this workshop was one of the things that paved the way!"

Liz, Morocco

“I was worrying a lot about my work and a potential relationship I was involved in, all of which started to make me feel like I didn’t have any control. I came away from the workshop feeling a lot more relaxed, and have since let the relationship and my worries go. This workshop totally shifted my perception about the relationship I want and I now taking action on my next steps to create this partnership. I can’t wait for the next workshop”.

Camilla, London

“Taking Anne Loyd's "Love & Relationship" course really helped me to understand the importance of an honest dialogue in a healthy partnership.  Not only with one's partner, but also with oneself.  It was when writing down what our ideal partnership looks like, that I really began to understand the kind of partner I want to be, as well as the kind of relationship I want to have with my husband.”  

Celeste, Los Angeles

Anne Loyd is an internationally recognised professional coach and mindfulness trainer and has delivered numerous workshops in both the UK and abroad. After delivering this workshop in the USA, Anne is now offering this transformative workshop to Londoners.  Anne is a wise, authentic and inspiring workshop guide and her 26-year journey of self-discovery and learning, her own experience of finding love, along with her formal qualifications in business, coaching and mindfulness form the basis of her work as a coach, writer and teacher.

Mollie Mendoza is an experienced yoga teacher, weaving disciplines of mindfulness, movement, music and breathing practices. She and her partner Sam Garrett, are the co-owners and facilitators of Hackney Community Studio – a unique studio and space in Hackney Wick where they hold regular workshops which inspire rejuvenation, connection and inspiration. Mollie will lead a movement and breathing practice during the day so please wear loose, comfortable clothing.

Workshop Details:

The day will begin at promptly at 10:00, so please arrive from 9:30am for a start at 10:00am.

There will be discussion, sharing, journaling, meditation and movement, so please ensure you wear relaxed, loose fitting clothes.

Lunch, tea and an afternoon snack will be provided.

For more information prior to booking, please contact Anne Loyd -