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Tension and Trauma Release Exercises with Jo Selwood.

Group sessions

Intro and Immersion 


Introductory Taster Class - Sunday 25th March - 6pm - 8pm

This is a one off taster class the week before the 5 consecutive classes in April. This class is an introductory session where I will go just a little bit deeper in to the theory, introducing you to The Poly Vagal Theory, the basic neurology and physiology behind TRE® and the benefits of the practice as well as having time for questions and integration. 


5 Week Immersion

The classes run for 5 consecutive weeks. Every Sunday in April.

Safety and trust within the group and the space is a fundamental part of the healing process. If the body feels safe, healing will occur. If the body is unsafe healing cannot and will not happen. Therefore to establish a bond within the group it is strongly encouraged that you can attend 5 consecutive weekly classes. 

TRE® is a practice that is easily accessible to all and can be done by your self after learning and becoming familiar with the practice under facilitation of a certified provider. Self-regulation, (the ability to regulate and process our stimulation) is a skill many people are lacking as we have become so disconnected from our felt senses and intuition.

These classes will give you time under safe supervision to become better at regulating yourself.

Going softly and slowly doesn’t come easy to many of us and yet it tends to be exactly what is needed to heal and resolve reactive patterns.

After this 5 weeks course, together we can assess whether you feel safe and ready to continue this practice alone.


Upcoming Group Session Dates (2018)

Introductory Taster Class  - Sunday 25th March - 6pm - 8pm

5 Week Immersion

Sunday April 1st - 6pm to 7.30pm

Sunday April 8th - 6pm to 7.30pm

Sunday April 15th - 6pm to 7.30pm

Sunday April 22nd - 6pm to 7.30pm

Sunday April 29th - 6pm to 7.30pm



A gorgeous space in Hackney Wick at the home of my dear friend Mollie. Being her home, it has a very safe and comfortable feel and we will be welcome to stay and drink tea, chat, ground and integrate before leaving. Full address will be sent by email after booking.


Introductory Taster Class - £15

5 Week Immersion

 £15 per class - £75 for all 5 - paid weekly

£60 for all 5 - paid in advance

All payments are non-refundable

Please contact me at to secure your place in the group sessions.

Places are very limited and priority will be given to those that can attend all 5 classes. However, drop in spaces may open up so do still get in touch if you can attend some but not all. 

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