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Sold Out - Guest Event: New Moon, PandoraStar, Gong Bath with CBD

Ladrhyn Bexx has experience and qualifications in trance mediumship, out of body experiences and binaural beats. With his 15+ years of experience he guides individuals to fully and deeply relax into expanded states of consciousness. 


Journey into consciousness and relaxation on the new moon with a gong bath with a twist! 
Combined with CBD oil from our friends at LDN CBD, powerful guided breathwork all under the PandoraStar light machine with a Gong bath.

I am holding space for 6 people only to journey together, for this personal adventure.

WHEN: Thursday, 8th November 2018 

TIME: 19:45 (7:45pm) – 22:00(:10pm)

WHERE: Hackney Wick, London

COST: £35

Payable by bank transfer or by Eventbrite (fees)

ADDRESS: Full details will be sent as it's a private venue. 
Unmind Space, Hackney Wick, London

COST: £35 Per person 
Limited to 6 people only

The PandoraStar is a deep trance meditation machine, using flickering light technology. The PandoraStars 12 white LEDs sends signals of frequencies down through your closed eyelids, then down to the visual cortex activating a focused brainwave state. You lay down comfortably as a group. With your eyes closed whilst receiving a light treatment. Usually the PandoraStar is set to a visual experience at the beginning, which strobes therapeutic and relaxing colourful visuals in the canvas of your mind. 

Therefore after 15 minutes of the mandala like visuals, a set of beneficial frequencies designed for: meditation, inner journeying, lucid dreaming, shamanic journeying and deep relaxation are pulsing for the next 30minutes. 

You can see more at the website here:

Within this period you might experience: Deep into consciousness, null-time, deep meditation, healing, visions, creative ideas, and relaxation. 

This whole event is designed for you to have your own unique experience. Explore your 5 senses to unlock your sixth sense. And close your two physical eyes to open your third eye and mind. 

✓ Pineal Gland Activation through PandoraStar
✓ Guided group breathwork
✓ Gong Bath
✓ CBD Plant Medicine(non psychoactive)
✓ Psychedelic Visuals and closed eye mandalas from
✓ Deep Trance Meditation machine
✓ Group Meditation 

Unwind after with some reflection and herbal teas.


IMPORTANT: If you are attending this event, dont just turn up, you need to message me privately or send me an email so I know of numbers, thankyou.

PandoraStar uses flickering light technology to transcend the brain for exploring human consciousness and potential, Explore the world of colour by using a purpose built consciousness exploring lamp for exploring a world of colour and brainwave entrainment for mind, body, and spirit. 

Before attending this event please print off, fill out and bring with you the consent form:


With a state of the art mind machine for exploring, enhancing and prolonging your meditative state,
For sleep, brain training and lucid dreaming. 

As a tribe we will all be guided to create sound in resonance with each other