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Guest Event: Sacred Yoni Steam Ceremony with Live Luna Harp

Guest Event with Lorraine: Sacred Yoni Steam Ceremony with Live Luna Harp

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You are warmly welcomed to take part in a sacred act of devotion to your inner temple. As a sisterhood, we will gather to honour our bodies and re-remember our innate healing capacity using the age-old self care ritual of yoni steaming.
Yoni Steaming offers women the opportunity to reconnect the body with the wisdom of subtle plant medicine to heal, clear the womb and sexual organs on a physical and energetic level, and prepare it for its intended use, creation (not only for babies, but for the creation of ourselves and our lives).
Ultimately, vaginal/womb/yoni steaming/hydrotherapy is an empowering self care practice that invites women to fully drop into the realm of their inner sanctum and offer her exactly what she needs - space and time to relax and release. The very act of allowing your whole yoni to relax and soften is radical healing in itself.
This is far from being a new health trend, it's an ancient tradition made modern; a knowledge and practice shared among communities of women the world over, for thousands of years. Women in central America, Morocco and Korea (to name but a few) still continue to practice it to this day, as a regular self care regime, to support fertility and as a postpartum treatment. 
The benefits not only stop here, as it has a profound impact on a vast array of cyclical and gynecological health imbalances that many women experience and can be utilised as a treament or supplementary to a holistic health care plan to support specific issues. 

Amongst many others, steaming has been found to:
~ Reduce pain, bloating and exhaustion during menstruation
~ Balance and regulate hormones
~ Boost fertility (not only for conception, but for manifestation and creation purposes!)
~ Detox the womb and remove toxins from the body
~ Support the body postpartum
~ Assist with digestive issues.
~ Increase sensuality
~ Release stored emotions, trauma and energetic stagnancy
~ Tap into latent energy where our creative and sexual life source arises from.

When women take part in a yoni steam in a held, ceremonial space as a collective of sisters, a deep communion takes place. They anchor into the lineage of this ancient practice, directly communicate with nature and the feminine web as well as honouring themselves powerfully.

The Womb-Up 
~ Guided meditation to drop into the womb web and connect with the yoni & heart space
~ Sharing circle
~ Group womb blessing
~ Warming up the womb with breathing exercises, self-massage and self-healing techniques
~ Gentle intuitive movement and free-flow dance

The Ceremony
~ Introduction to the practice, its history and information about the herbs
~ Group shamanic process whilst sat upon your throne, where you’ll be guided on a journey to align with your your wombs’ wisdom, tap into your innate healing capacity and invite healing to take place with the support of the medicine of the flowers and herbs.
~ A nourishing and grounding deep relaxation to integrate the process.

~ Sharing circle to reflect on your experience
~ Bring and share picnic lunch (super important to ground yourself with food and nourishment after a ceremony!) and a chance to connect
~ The opportunity to receive 10% off of products (yoni steam seats and herb packs)

There are a few contraindications to the process - unfortunately you will not be able to take part if you
~ Are on your period 
~ Think you may be pregnant
~ Have any open or recent scar tissue in the perineum area
~ Currently have any infections
~ Are under any fertility or IVF treatment
~ Have given birth in the past 3 months.
~ If you have an IUD fitted, please get in touch with me.

All women over the age of 16, are welcome to take part. This includes women without a physical womb as we mostly work on an energetic level. If you identify as non-cis then please get in touch. 

Bring with you 
~ layers to keep warm - cosy socks are great!
~ bring to change into or wear a long flowing skirt or sarong to wrap around your bottom half as you steam and extra sarong or scarf
journal and pen
~ An open mind, heart and soul and a commitment to your healing and growth.
~ Ideally keep your evening free of anything energy absorbing i.e. socialising, drinking alcohol, work etc.

Cost: £50 (concession available - please get in touch)
Time: 2 - 6pm (arrive 10 minutes before to settle in)
Date: Sunday 25th November
Location: Hackney Community Studio (details given to you before attending)

Email to book your spot and for payment details.

Upon booking, you will be sent a form to complete, it is compulsory for this to be completed before attending the ceremony so that you can be adequately screened and so that I can prepare for you.
You can expect an inspiring, nourishing and moving afternoon filled with women's wisdom and reuniting you with your sense of sovereignity. I can't wait to meet you and share this oh so sacred yummy space with you all.