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Guest Event: Channelling Evening and Gong Bath with Ladrhyn and Rhiannon

7:30pm - 9:30pm
19th November 
Energy exchange - £25
Unmind Space - Hackney Wick, London

Arrive from 7pm, enjoy some herbal teas and refreshments. Doors close at 7:30pm We start the first part of the evening with a short introduction, followed by Rhiannon who will channel messages from Spirit, from many highly evolved guides. After the hour of channeling there will be a relaxing 45 minute Gong bath and guided meditation with refreshments and herbal teas to end.

About Channeling

Receiving channeled messages is highly uplifting and energising and gives you space to relax and recharge and to connect with your soul, your heart, your essence.

You can either choose to simply relax and listen to the channeling or to engage with the guides and ask questions and receive answers on any area of life or subject you choose.

The guides share profound truths in lightheartedness and humour. You can feel their presence tangibly in the room.

What is Channeling?

During a channelling Spirit and the Guides will communicate with you directly while Rhiannon is their translator.

You can ask them anything you would like to ask them, spiritual, physical and or emotional clarity.

When Rhiannon channels, she closes her eyes, and enters into a state of trance and fully surrenders herself to whichever High Dimensional Being over-lights her at the time.

Rhiannon says: Their words flow through me like music flowing through a flute.

"While I channel I lift my vibration and remove myself from my own personal opinion, thought or feeling and become an instrument for Spirit and the Guides."

They will speak directly to your heart.

The more you connect to your heart the more you will be able to receive.

About Rhiannon

Rhiannon is a channeller for Spirit and the Ascended Masters.
A published author and international speaker, Rhiannon has spent thousands of hours facilitating channeled workshops, retreats, seminars and one on one sessions around the world.

About Ladrhyn
Ladrhyn has been researching consciousness and awareness states for over 15 years. His in-depth knowledge and experience with spirit, Intuition and sound therapy enables him to weave these abilities together in a beautiful flow to hold and anchor in the energies from spirit. Ladrhyn is a Reiki Master Healer, Gong Master and intuitive channeller.

The Gong is a powerful ancient instrument where you can feel and hear the sound of Om/Aum deep within you. This powerful therapy will end the beautiful evening feeling you floating, grounded and more connected with many answers to questions.

A message from one of the masters

We are Mary Magdalene and many guides of the higher dimensions

If you asked us: What is my purpose? Why did I come into this incarnation? we would go as far as saying: You have come here to love. To love fully, deeply, radically, graciously and generously.
Intensely, even fiercely at times if circumstances asked for it and you have come here for nothing less than to fully embody this love, to walk this love, talk this love,

It is so simple yet it is a daily practice we invite you to integrate into your every breath, every thought, into every action and interaction.

From that place you speak your truth. Love combined with wisdom leads to empowerment.
This is your greatest gift to the world.

A beautiful quiet space over looking the river, with underfloor heating and great vibes.

The Gong Bath will be seated on the floor and experience for you to get deeper into conscious awareness. Any issues with sitting on the floor please let us know Feel free to bring a blanket or your favourite cushion to sit comfortably. However blankets and cushions are available.

What to bring

Notepad / pen
Vegan friendly snacks to share
Blanket / cushion ( these are provided but feel free to bring your own).

How to book

Text or message Ladrhyn to book
How to find the venue 

Unmind Space Hackney Wick, 
9min walk from Hackney Wick station

Full details on how to find the venue upon reserving your space.